Impressive and durable

Extracted around the world, granite is delivered in large blocks cut into slabs with polished surfaces. Its hardness, as well as the broad variety of natural colours and textures, make it a popular choice.

Hardness and resistance

Composed primarily of quartz, this natural stone provides such strong resistance that only diamond can cut it. This makes it incredibly resistant to scratches and heat for short periods of time.

All of our granite countertops are sealed in the factory and during installation to make them stain resistant (coffee, wine, juice, oil, makeup, etc.).

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Known for its hardness and resistance, granite is a wise choice.

The vast variety of textures and colours will allow you to create a high-end setting.

The granular texture of granite remains homogeneous thanks to its even distribution of minerals, such as feldspath or mica, which produces a shining effect.

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When it’s time to choose among the myriad of granite colours and surfaces, our advisors will lend a listening ear to best advise you in pursuing your plans.

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