Highly resistant with easy upkeep

Decorative quartz is 90% composed of natural quartz which makes it even harder and more resistant than marble or granite. It is an ideal surface for kitchen or bathroom countertops, especially due to its antibacterial properties.

Hundreds of colours and textures available

Available in several hundred colours and various textures, this stone has a contemporary look and is becoming more and more popular on the interior design market.

Quartz requires no upkeep; a damp cloth and gentle detergent will preserve the appearance of its finish.

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Quartz enables you to adjust your design, whatever the room’s dimensions. Maximize your space and take full advantage of the versatility of the various formats of quartz.

Used in very high-quality interior designs for bathrooms, kitchens, and wall cladding. The quintessence of elegance and durability

Colour choice is a very important decision. Quartz is available in hundreds of colours and textures and three aesthetic finishes: Polished, matte, and suede. Consult one of our representatives for information on the shades available and the most recent trends.

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Our top-quality quartz is sourced from specially selected suppliers:

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