Elegant and functional

Ultracompact surfaces are ideal for contemporary design applications and ultra-thin profiles. A high-performance innovation, with bold allure.

Resistant and nonporous

A sinter of high-performing, resistant, and totally non-porous stone, ultracompact surfaces are an ideal choice for a modern look and elegant design, both inside and out.

A vast colour and texture palette that gives ultracompact surfaces a natural stone allure that blends well in any setting.

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Made using the latest-generation technology capable of meeting market needs, slabs of ultracompact surfaces are designed for the interior design world, such as surfaces for work spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Due to their excellent technical performance, ultracompact surfaces are ideal for the most delicate applications requiring maximum resistance and hygiene.

The aesthetic virtues and large dimensions of ultracompact surfaces provide a significant artistic benefit, guaranteeing stability of colours, in sophisticated, natural tones.

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Our top-quality ultracompact surfaces are sourced from specially selected suppliers:

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Produced from a sophisticated mixture of primary materials used in high-quality glass, porcelain, and work surfaces, DKTN® Cosentino is a state-of-the art quartz material that meets the most demanding conditions.


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Laminam’s features include an aesthetic look, hygienic characteristics, and resistance, thanks to its high technical performance. Offered in large formats, these surfaces ensure continuity of the material with cladding in natural and sophisticated tones.

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